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You could imagine being treated for your heart condition at the Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre? Here is how you can get in touch with us. You may want to call our professional staff, all prepared to serve the international patient, or you may want to use our >online form at the end of this page>:


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Dr Helene Renz, MD
Medical Advisor
Albertinen International Patient Service

Phone: 0049-(0)40 5588 6893
Mobile: 0049-(0)172 534 7983
Fax: 0049-(0) 5588 2826


Dr Renz evaluates medical reports in cooperation with the head physicians of the Albertinen Hospital and organizes the ideal treatment programme. With her language proficiency in German, English and Russian, she is the best medical companion during the investigations of our international patients from admission to discharge.



Helena Meier
Administrative Coordinator
Albertinen International Patient Service


Phone: 0049-(0)40 5588 6395
Mobile: 0049-(0)151 195 430 68
Fax: 0049-(0) 5588 2291


Ms Pevko is the first point of contact for inquiries. She answers any questions concerning organizational and administrative assistance (e.g. visa matters), appointment coordination and in-house translation service in German, English and Russian. 






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Get in Touch: Inquire for Evaluation and Treatment Options

You could imagine being treated for your heart condition at the Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre? Here is how you can get in touch with us. > read more



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Learn about Treatment Options for High Risk Patients

Patients with valvular heart disease and high surgical risk can be treated percutaneously (with catheter techniques). > read more



Vascular surgery


VIDEO: Vascular Surgery - Treatment of Complicated Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Due to the exponentially increasing risk of rupture abdominal aortic aneurysms beginning from a diameter of 5 cm should be eliminated ... > read more





World Premiere at Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre

World's first reconstruction of a leaky tricuspid valve with the help of a catheter technique  > read more





Reception, Accommodation, Care

The "two-man rule" at Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre creates the conditions for the optimal treatment of our patients.  > read more





Scientific Projects and Research

In addition to the best possible patient care scientific projects are carried out to improve methods of treatment. > Learn about our research





25 Years Heartmedicine at Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre

Cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology and cardiac anaesthesia at Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre in Hamburg are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. The first heart operation here was performed on July 2, 1991. > read more 










Chief Physicians




Prof Dr Friedrich-Christian Rieß, MD
Chairman of the Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre
Chief Physician Cardiac Surgery
Phone +49-40-5588-2445

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Prof Dr Karsten Sydow, MD
Chief Physician Cardiology
Phone +49-40-5588-2237





Dr Matthias Gasthaus, MD
Chief Physician Cardiology, Site Volksdorf
Phone 0049-40-6 44 11-233




Dr Christine Löwer, MD
Head of Department for Cardioanesthesia
Phone +49-40-5588-2571





Dr Lars Kock, MD
Chief Physician of Vascular Surgery

Phone +49-40-5588-2857





Prof Dr Joachim Schofer, MD
Head of the Department for Percutaneous Treatment of Valvular Heart Disease
Phone +49-40-5588-2442 /-2453 /-2445




Prof Dr Herbert Nägele, MD
Head of the Department for Heart Insufficiency and Device Therapy
Phone +49-40-5588-2847




Dr Thomas Zerm, MD
Head of the Department for Electrophysiology
Phone +49-40-5588-2864








Ute Kröplin, BBA
Phone +49-40-5588--6996






Matthias Scheller, CEO of Albertinen Diakoniewerk e.V., congratulates the founding father of Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre, Professor W. Füllbrandt and the men of the first hour at the anniversary "25 Years Heart Medicine at Albertinen-Hospital"



From left: M. Scheller, Prof. W. Füllbrandt, Prof. F.-C. Rieß, J. Kormann, Dr. P. Kremer, Prof. N. Bleese. Photo: Andreas Riess




July 1, 2016 - Tobias Schwarz, CEO of Albertinen hospital, congratulates Mr. Joachim Kormann, Dr. Peter Kremer, MD, Mr. Stephan Winkel and Dr Christine Löwer, MD (from left) marking the 25th anniversary of service.



Photo: Andreas Riess