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In 2015, more than 1,600 cardiac surgery procedures have been performed at Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre. It is particularly gratifying that the rate of off-pump-revascularisations continues to range at a high level of 70%. During cardiac bypass surgery without cardiopulmonary bypass 96% of all patients were exclusively supplied with arterial grafts - that is without veins removed from the leg. This surgical technique of complete arterial revascularization is superior to conventional, as arterial grafts remain open longer than venous and the survival rate of the patients is clearly better.


Overall, almost 5,700 cardiac interventions were performed at Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre. Together with other interventions they comprise the interventional and surgical vascular surgery, the coronary interventions, implantation of pacemakers and internal defibrillators and electrophysiological procedures.


The number of pacemaker and defibrillator implantations has increased in 2015 with more than 1,000 interventions - the highest in Hamburg. The number of over 6,500 left heart catheters (of which nearly 1,800 stenting or balloon dilation) is equally impressive, and a proof to the vast experience of the cardiologists of the Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre at the sites Schnelsen and Volksdorf. In the field of electrophysiology a total of 500 procedures were performed in the year 2015. In our vascular surgery 760 patients were treated primarily endovascular.


In total, approximately 140,000 patients have been treated at the Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre since 1991.







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Chief Physicians




Prof Dr Friedrich-Christian Rieß, MD
Chairman of the Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre
Chief Physician Cardiac Surgery
Phone +49-40-5588-2445

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Prof Dr Karsten Sydow, MD
Chief Physician Cardiology
Phone +49-40-5588-2237





Dr Matthias Gasthaus, MD
Chief Physician Cardiology, Site Volksdorf
Phone 0049-40-6 44 11-233




Dr Christine Löwer, MD
Head of Department for Cardioanesthesia
Phone +49-40-5588-2571





Dr Lars Kock, MD
Chief Physician of Vascular Surgery

Phone +49-40-5588-2857





Prof Dr Joachim Schofer, MD
Head of the Department for Percutaneous Treatment of Valvular Heart Disease
Phone +49-40-5588-2442 /-2453 /-2445




Prof Dr Herbert Nägele, MD
Head of the Department for Heart Insufficiency and Device Therapy
Phone +49-40-5588-2847




Dr Thomas Zerm, MD
Head of the Department for Electrophysiology
Phone +49-40-5588-2864








Ute Kröplin, BBA
Phone +49-40-5588--6996






Matthias Scheller, CEO of Albertinen Diakoniewerk e.V., congratulates the founding father of Albertinen Cardiovascular Centre, Professor W. Füllbrandt and the men of the first hour at the anniversary "25 Years Heart Medicine at Albertinen-Hospital"



From left: M. Scheller, Prof. W. Füllbrandt, Prof. F.-C. Rieß, J. Kormann, Dr. P. Kremer, Prof. N. Bleese. Photo: Andreas Riess




July 1, 2016 - Tobias Schwarz, CEO of Albertinen hospital, congratulates Mr. Joachim Kormann, Dr. Peter Kremer, MD, Mr. Stephan Winkel and Dr Christine Löwer, MD (from left) marking the 25th anniversary of service.



Photo: Andreas Riess